Cantanhede Ladies Open 2012

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 Ladies Open'12



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Official Hotel

Hotel Oficial









Garagem Santa Cruz, Lda. - O seu conceesionário Citröen









   Liberty Seguros
































































































Garagem Santa Cruz, Lda. - O seu conceesionário Citröen









   Portugália Seguros, Cantanhede













































































Garagem Santa Cruz, Lda. - O seu conceesionário Citröen









   Portugália Seguros, Cantanhede











2012 ITF Women's Circuit      

May 26th to June 3rd 

Prize Money: USD 10.000,00

International Tennis Tournament, valid to the WTA ranking


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Maindraw: 32 players

Qualifying:48 players

Major Sponsor: Câmara Municipal de Cantanhede



  Staff      Organização  


Tournament Director: Arnaldo Carvalho

Referee: Rogério Santos

Doctor: Paulo Margalho

Physio: Bruno Ribeiro  

Stringer: António Garrido

Press Officer: Hugo Ribeiro  

Photographer: Victor Garcia    



  Tournament Director (Arnaldo Carvalho)




  Official Programme      Programa Oficial  







  Travel Guidelines      Como chegar ao CETC  


CANTANHEDE: How to get there  


40º 20'38.57'' N

8º 35'09.01'' W           Click for more details         

                             Click here for more details 


Nearest Train Station: 


Transport from Train Station to Tournament Hotel/Site: 

By appointment, transportation provided by a tournament car, from the station of "Coimbra-B" to the official Hotel.







  Official Hotel      Hotel Oficial  

                                  Marialva Park Hotel

Adress: Quinta de S. Mateus, Lote 1 - 3060-209 Cantanhede

Telephone: +351 231 410 220; Fax: +351 231 410 221

Distance from the Club: 100mts.



Additional information: daily menu, special price for players.

Internet wireless for free.




                Living room







  Facilities      Facilidades  



Medical services  Médico no Clube

Every day from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm  Diariamente da 17:00h às 18:00h

Bookings at the referee's office  Marcações no gabinete do juíz-árbitro


Physio  Fisioterapeuta  

Available all day at the club  Disponível todo o dia no clube


Stringring service  Encordoações          

Available all day at the club  Disponível no clube, durante todo o dia

Service 10€  Cada encordoamento 10€

Service and string 20€  Encordoamento e cordas 20€


Practice courts  Treinos

Bookings at the referee's office  Inscrições no gabinete do juíz-árbitro

Balls at the reception 5€ deposit per can  Bolas fornecidas na receção


Transport from:

Train Station of "Coimbra-B" to Tournament Hotel/Site, provided by a tournament car (by appointment).




At the Club  No Clube

Internet wireless for free.


                The Club    






               Swimming pool


               Hydro massage




At the Hotel  No Hotel

Internet for free.

Breakfast included.

Daily menu: special price for players, by appointment.




In the Town  Na Cidade

Here in Cantanhede there are lots of things to do: you can go to the beach in Praia da Tocha, or you can stay in Cantanhede and visit Museu da Pedra - a museum where are represented rocks, statues and tools used by the local sculptors.     


                            Museu da Pedra


              Praia da Tocha





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